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You, your family and your employees deserve solutions that offer peace of mind – and that keep you cool and comfortable no matter what the season!

Provide everyone inside your home or office with the defense of industry-leading window tinting when you install LLumar® or Vista™ window films from Suntec Window Tinting. Since 1993, we’ve offered customers across Orange County the best in craftsmanship and service. And we’d welcome the opportunity to do the same for you!

Work and Play at Ease – Our Complete Lineup of Services

Residential Window Tinting

Guard your home against irritating glare, temperature fluctuations and soaring energy bills with LLumar and Vista window films.

Commercial Window Tinting

Cut your company’s energy bills by up to 40% while boosting your employees’ and tenants’ productivity – at a fraction of the cost of expensive window replacement!

Specialty Films

Prevent serious damage to your facility with LLumar safety & security window film or add a striking look to any room in your home or business with iLLusions decorative window film.

Why Choose Suntec Window Tinting

  • Over 40+ years window film installation experience
  • Top-of-the-line LLumar and Vista films
  • Free, no-obligation quotes on all window tint projects
  • Manufacturer warranties and our own 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Don’t wait to get the protection you need!

The advantages of window film are endless. Whether you’re looking to maintain a more comfortable home or boost its exterior appearance, you can’t go wrong with state-of-the-art residential window tint. For your free, in-home window film consultation, contact Suntec Window Tinting today.

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Residential Window Tinting

Defend Your Family & Belongings from the Sun with Residential Window Tint

More than being one of your biggest investments, your home is your sanctuary from the outside world: it provides you with a sense of relaxation and safety.

And while the windows to your home serve as your view to the outside world, they are also a portal to harmful ultraviolet radiation and excessive heat and glare – which can threaten you and your family’s health, security and comfort as well as fade your valuable furnishings and artwork.

Suntec Window Tinting comes to the rescue with a variety of professionally installed LLumar and Vista residential window films. As your SelectPro dealer in southern California, we ensure all our home window tinting products offer superior solar control to deliver unbeatable protection at an affordable price.

Benefits of Window Film for Your Home

Lowers energy bills

Untreated windows can lead to hot and cold spots throughout your home, causing your HVAC system to work harder than it should. With energy-efficient architectural window tinting, you can control temperature fluctuations inside your home and stop your indoor air conditioning and heating from escaping. Plus, most homeowners see their utility bills drop 40% after window film is installed!

Stops UV rays from entering your home

Suntec Window Tinting’s residential window tint blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, dramatically reducing your family’s risk for skin damage and skin cancer. You can see why it’s recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation!

Prevents the fading of your interiors

UV rays don’t only threaten your skin; they’re also threatening to your belongings! By blocking the sun’s rays, residential window film reduces fading of your furniture, upholsteries and flooring, protecting your investments and keeping them looking newer, longer.

Blocks irritating glare

LLumar and Vista window tinting block 87% of glare from the sun. So you can watch TV, work on your computer, or play on your smartphone without squinting or shifting your spot.

Offers an extra level of security for your family

Residential window film increases the privacy of your home by effectively reducing exposure of the inside to spying eyes. Additionally, the durability of LLumar and Vista window tint make them difficult to penetrate, defending your home against possible break-ins.

Enhances your home’s aesthetics

LLumar window films are available in a variety of decorative shades, patterns and designs that complement your personal style and add a unique flair to your home.

Comes with warranties for your peace of mind

All LLumar and Vista residential window films are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against discoloration, bubbling, cracking, and peeling, so you can be sure it always looks as good as the day it was installed. Plus, we offer our own 100% satisfaction guarantee on any residential installation!


Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Film Helps You Save Big on Energy Costs

Protecting the comfort of your employees, tenants and customers is important. But so is protecting your bottom line. With LLumar and Vista commercial window film from Suntec Window Tinting, you can find a quick solution to skyrocketing energy bills that also keeps your employees relaxed and more productive!

Our lineup of solar window tint is ideal for any building in Orange County, Corona, Riverside, Murrieta or Temecula, from retail stores and public facilities to office and apartment complexes. At one-third the cost of expensive window replacement, it delivers all the same benefits at a price that better aligns with your budget. Now that’s just smart business!

Benefits of Window Tint for Your Business

Corrects temperature imbalances

Solar window film for businesses rejects 82% of incoming solar energy – meaning your employees and tenants won’t have to deal with uncomfortable hot and cold spots, and you’ll get more usable space from every square inch of your facility. Even better, you’ll cut energy costs by up to 40%.

Blocks UV rays

UV rays can quickly fade your equipment, furniture, flooring, and artwork. Plus, they can put everyone inside at risk for skin damage. Architectural window film stops 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your window, which will earn you a thumbs up from The Skin Cancer Foundation!

Reduces glare from the sun

When annoying glare stands in your way, it can be irritating to work on a computer. Give your employees a clear view anytime of the day with business window film from Suntec Window Tinting. LLumar and Vista block 87% of glare without obstructing the natural light employees and tenants love.

Protects your facility and everyone inside

The durability of LLumar safety & security window film means your windows are harder to break through and hold glass in place should a storm, natural disaster, accident, or break-in occur, protecting your employees and tenants against deadly shards of flying glass.

Beautifies your building

While commercial window tinting offers incredible cost savings and greater comfort, it also complements your creative vision. Create a uniform appearance or achieve a one-of-a-kind look with a variety of chic iLLusions decorative window film options.

Includes superior warranties

All LLumar and Vista commercial window films installed by Suntec Window Tinting come with a manufacturer’s warranty with up to 15 years of peace of mind. Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about our warranties, including our own 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Explore Our Commercial Window Film Visualizer

Find out why companies throughout southern California and across the world have enhanced their building projects with commercial window tinting. Contact Suntec Window Tinting to receive your free quote on our custom window film products for businesses.

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Specialty Films

Suntec Window Tinting Offers Architectural Window Films for Every Project

Whether you’re looking to guard against the unexpected or address a design challenge, Suntec Window Tinting has the solution for you!

We offer the industry’s best – LLumar safety & security window film and LLumar iLLusions decorative window film – designed to fit your personal needs, timeline and budget.

The Looks Are Endless with iLLusions Window Film

A top choice among architects and interior designers alike, decorative window film from Suntec Window Tinting is perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of any Orange County home or business since it comes in multiple colors and textures that easily diffuse, focus or block light for a unique appearance.

Our iLLusions window film can be applied to doors, windows, mirrors, partitions, and private spaces – making glass surfaces clearly visible, delineating passageways, and adding flexibility, safety and solar protection.

Plus, since it can be removed quickly by one of our professionals, you can change your look as often as you change your mind.

Select a decorative style all your own with over 50 designs to choose from:


Ensure privacy and diffuse light without compromising brightness – all at a fraction of the cost of expensive etched glass.


Match your décor and tastes with patterns from classic to playful, pinstripes to polka dots.


Stimulate the sparkle and clarity of textured glass while refracting the light.


Partially block out views, hide unattractive areas or add a modern design element.


Mask light, add privacy or add a pop of color with bold hues and opaque films.

More Than a Window Tint – an Invisible Shield

Southern California’s weather can be dangerous, with tornados, storms and earthquakes causing serious damage to your home or business. In addition, instances of man-made disaster continue to rise – putting your family, employees and tenants at risk.

Prevent personal injury and financial loss with our safety & security films.

When installed by Suntec Window Tinting, you can rest assured that your facility and everyone inside will be protected against:

Harmful flying shards

One of the most deadly side effects of Mother Nature, accidents or blasts is the shards of flying glass from broken windows. LLumar safety & security film holds your windows in place, reducing the chance of harm to both your property and individuals on the premise.

Forced entry and theft

Smash-and-grab scenarios are becoming more prevalent nationwide and here on the west coast. Deter thieves with our transparent safety film, which is extremely difficult to penetrate – even with a bat, hammer, or other tool or weapon.

Graffiti and tagging

Should a vandal tag your windows with spray paint or destructive acid, safety & security widow tint can easily be removed, taking graffiti along with it. And replacement window film will cost a quarter of the price of new windows!

Harmful UV rays

Suntec Window Tinting offers a variety of safety & security window films, which provide the added benefit of protection from dangerous UV rays. Ask our experts for more details on window film that delivers the peace of mind you deserve.


Stylish Options

From LLumar safety & security film, which protects renowned buildings like the Vatican and Buckingham Place, to iLLusions decorative film with design options as big as your imagination, Suntec Window Tinting’s got you – and your windows – covered!

All of our films are custom cut, spliced and finished to your specification, not only defending and beautifying your space, but also reducing the effects of heat and glare and saving you on energy costs. Get your free quote when you contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Window Film & Window Tinting FAQ

With all the window tint products on the market, we’re sure you have questions about how different solar control solutions work – and what level of protection and benefits they offer you, your family and your employees. At Suntec Window Tinting, our aim is to provide you with all the facts so that you can make an educated decision.

We’ve included some of the most common questions here. But should be have any other questions, please feel free to contact our window tint team.

Click a question below to reveal the answer.

Window film is a film placed over your windows to reduce heat, glare and exposure to UV rays. It allows for cooler temperatures and reduced energy bills. To meet the needs of every consumer, we offer a complete lineup of window tint products – varying in shades depending on the darkness of tint you prefer for your home or business.
Yes to both! Suntec Window Tinting offers quality window films for your residence or business. Whether you’re looking to provide an extra layer of protection against vandalizers, intruders or Mother Nature, or wanting to customize a special room in your home or facility, you name it – we can do it!
Window tint is designed to help preserve the color of your hardwoods, carpets, rugs, and upholstery. It also provides a first line of defense against the sun to help protect leather furnishings. Perhaps most importantly, our LLumar and Vista window tint products act as superior sunscreen for your home of office, keeping 99% of harmful UV rays which cause skin damage outside where they belong.
Fear not! We only use the best window film products on the market – LLumar and Vista. So while window tint offers the benefits of keeping the sun’s damaging rays out, it still allows natural light to seep in.
Your plants will love you for installing window tint. Since most indoor plants are tropical, they don’t like direct sunlight that can cause their leaves to burn. With window film, direct sunlight is defused giving your plants more of the tropical atmosphere they enjoy!
While it makes sense that window tint is warranted during the hot and dry summers here in southern California, they can also be equally as beneficial throughout the mild, wet winter. During the winter months the sun shines more directly into your windows, causing more damage and fading to your furnishings, carpets and drapes than during any other season. Window film from Suntec Window Tinting can help to retain heat and stop annoying glare caused by the reflection from snow.
Window tint contains a scratch resistant coating and is constructed to stand up to tough weather and everyday traffic. However, care should be taken with window film as sharp objects can still scratch it. For more details on the LLumar and Vista window tint warranties, contact us at Suntec Window Tinting today.
Suntec Window Tinting is a locally owned and operated company that services homes and businesses from Corona to Temecula and beyond. While we don’t have set hours, we’re ready to meet with you at your facility to discuss how we can assist on your next window tint project. Call us at (949) 703-0063 to schedule an appointment now!

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Suntec Window Tinting is southern California’s SelectPro window film expert – trusted by home and business owners just like you! Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing one, you’ll find we have a passion for matching you with an effective and affordable solution that will protect you and other occupants for years to come.

Over four decades of experience has taught us that a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service makes all the difference, and we strive for nothing less on every installation.

Contact the professionals at Suntec Window Tinting to get your free, no-hassle quote on residential, commercial or specialty films. We can’t wait to serve your window tint needs!